Sheriff Drammeh

Landlord at Kerr Serign apartments

Global properties is unique and one of a kind in the property market in the Gambia. l have been a satisfied client for over ten years. I wouldn’t change it for the world. OusainouJallow, my property agent is well presented, very experienced, and always goes the extra mile to deliver satisfaction in all aspects of his job.

Awa Colley Jatta


Mustapha’s presentation was stirring and full of information to help in the influencing decisions and more specific in getting closure on your services. I would recommend him to anyone.

You were exceptional Mustapha!

Yahya Marenah


Mr. Mustapha Ceesay I here by attest sincerely to express my gratitude for the ongoing support you have been providing to me and my dear friend Mr.MomodouNjie since the beginning of doing business with the Global Properties and having you as our sales agent was a blessing! You have provided the utmost care, courage, humility and professionalism, you gave me hope and courage when I seemed to have lost it, you are what Global stands for and you exceed what the customers hope for. I am grateful for having you, and many of you will bring the country to a better place for many of us.


Muhammad Touray


Mustapha is very devoted to his work and produces impressive results on-time and within budget. The websitesdesigns unsurpassed in quality and functionality. He has the resources to handle projects both small and large.

Muhammed Hydara


I just wanted to send you a quick message in praise of Mustapha at Global Properties as the best agent and marketer .He sold me land 6 months ago and Mustapha always had a smile and was so quick to respond and get the job done. He deserves the highest praise. I will definitely be referring my family and friends to Mustapha he is the greatest!"

Sainabou Jarju


The best property innovators with modern business terms and policies property developers that worth all the while.

The marketing Manager Mr. Mustapha Ceesay is a well composed guy who knows the manner of approach an inserts buying confidence into the customers. He always encouraged me by saying “just try Sai everything will be fine”. I really appreciate the entire staff but Mustapha is exceptional. I wish I could vote for him to be the best worker of the year!

Kemo Sanneh


I, Kemo Sanneh a brother to one of your customers BubacarrSanneh who is a homeowner in yourTujereng Housing Estate is hereby attesting that Mustapha is a outstanding staff who performs his duties accordingly and the company Global Properties is among the best or the best in The Gambia. My brother and I are very much satisfied and happy about your services!

Yussupha Hydara


As a first time buyer I had a lot of questions andconcerns. Mustapha wasso informative andvery helpful in making my decision. I woulddefinitely recommend him to anyone looking for ahassle free and efficient real estate experience. Thank you Mustapha!

Kaddy Bojang


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you it's really great how easy your marketing manager Mustapha Ceesay updated me and I never had any problems at all.

Awa Kah-Sanneh


I have known Mustapha at the Global Properties for years now. He is an honest, trustworthy, hard-working and very helpful to his customers. He is always willing and never tired ofanswering questions and work with you towards your homeownership goals. I highly recommend him to his employers and to any customer looking to own a property. Keep up the good work.

Fatou Gaye Cham


The level of your service was very professional, exceptional and prompt responses. Excellent service was received from Mustapha ceesay and I will keep coming back for any letting or sales related transaction.

Sarjo Barrow


I became a customer at Global Properties in 2008 when they first started business. Of course, Mustapha Ceesay was responsible for securing my business. He was professional, dedicated, and have a great sense of commitment to duty. The Brufut project was reasonable and the payment plan was flexible. Importantly, I had my lease as promised. I always enjoyed working with Mustapha. Thus, I continued to be customer and referred others to him as well. Regarding Global Property as a company, I recommend it with qualifications.

Nahla Diab Ghanem


I have been a client of global properties since inception and they made me a proud owner of properties. Wonderful staff and great management team. Kudos to Mustapha Ceesay and Julia.

Abdou Aziz Saine


My name is Abdou Aziz Saine and thanks to Global Properties I am a proud owner of a 20x25 plot of land. It has always been my dream to get myself into the property ladder in The Gambia, but with a standard salary and no hope of saving enough in time to get a land in a prime location. Global properties came to the rescue. Not only are their prices affordable but a payment plan of five years or 60 months made it easier for me. Also each buyer is provided with an agent that will be there to answer your questions and take care of all paperwork for you. Without this scheme I and many others like myself would have struggle to get a place of our own. That's why today I can state that, I am a proud and happy owner of a property in a prime location in the Gambia. Thanks to Global Properties and my very capable agent Mr. Mustapha Ceesay.

Ebrima Suwaneh


After spending over a decade in United States without visiting The Gambia. I finally decided to go back home and invest in a property. Upon arriving home, I was told of many horror stories that have gone wrong or can go wrong when it comes to buying a property in The Gambia. I was worried and promptly change my mind and decide not to invest. Lucky, before the end of my home trip, I heard about Global Properties through word of mouth from many people and how different they are - lot of wonderful experience and positive feedback about them. I decide to visit their office and they gave me a tour of their projects and properties in The Gambia. Today I am glad to say that I am a property owner in The Gambia - thanks to Global properties for making it happen for me. I had a wonderful experience with them and the process was hassle free. They took care of everything including the paperwork’s. If anyone is interested in buying a property in The Gambia, I highly recommend Global Properties. All their agents are exceptional and great but I will be doing myself and all prospective buyers no good if I did not mentioned the Agent that help me – Mustapha Ceesay. Bumping into Tapha when I first walk through their doors was my first blessing with Global Properties. He was there ever step of the way. He helps and guide me throughout the process and by tapping into his vast real estate experience, I was able to make the right decision in a matter of days.

Fatou Jarju


The global properties is one of the best estate agency. Their work is reliable and trustworthy. I bought a piece of land from them at SukutaNema in installment, from them without any issues. The staff is dedicated and helpful. Mustapha Ceesay is always ready to be by my side wheneverIneed service from him. He has the best customer service skills and always gave me good service. Big thank you to MustaphaCeesay for assisting me to have a piece of land in the Gambia.

Abdou Kolley

When it comes to property, I think Global Properties is truly the place the go. All my encounters with staff, especially Mustapha Ceesay have been extremely cordial and enriching. I saw in them with total dedication and commitment to service. I did not have any regrets whatsoever doing business with Global Properties and Mr. Ceesay.

Abibe Camara


I have been living abroad for the last ten years and eveytime I tried to buy or build a house, there has always been an obstacle. But with Global properties, I can now say that, I am a satisfied land owner with proper documents. Everything has been easy and straightforward. I want to thank Global properties and MUSTAPHA CEESAY for the land I purchased and for a dream come true. Thank you!

Modou Loum


Global Properties is one of the biggest, the best and most reliable agencies in The Gambia. Their work is reliable and trustworthy. I bought a piece of land for my sister from them without any issues at their estate at SukutaNema and that location in the whole ofGambia is the best so far. The staff is dedicated and helpful. MustaphaCeesay is always ready to be by my side whenever I need any service from Global Properties and I have no difficulties in obtaining my title deeds as soon as the installment payment is complete. Mustapha always made me happy when I am in your office. Mustapha and the entire Global team keep it up!

Ndendeh senghore

Global properties the services they render is variable .their terms and conditions are flexible, after sales services is a key for business.

Ngenarr Sosseh

Global Properties treats its customers like family, they have the best interest of any population at heart. Apart from been very professional in all their dealings with it customers, they ensure that citizens get access to affordable houses. Global understands the need to empower people through access to quality and affordable housing.

Their payment plans and the patience they have for customers is exemplary which means they take into account the economic conditions of the Nation when setting payment plans.

Global treats all customers the same, with professionalism, compassion and respect.....in that, the same way they treat the low income customer is the same way they do for high income customers. This is very important and an awesome characteristic that differentiates Global Properties with other Estate AGencies....this is what makes them unique and a force to be reckoned with....

I love Global Properties.

George Krol

Any business is wishing to do business in a pleasant way, especially in another country where you will normally find a different culture and customs.

It was a surprise for me to discover a company like Global Properties in the Gambia, a professional company with an international process nearly close to a way in which we are used to in Holland, Solid, with a team of staff taking its work and commitments seriously and willing to think along.

They make it happen, not only pleasant and reliable but also important features and with the convenience for doing long term business.

A company with solid and reliable appearance, a trading method that I can recommend

Morro Barrow

Excellent customer services from sales executives ,detailed information on all inquiries .am happy Doing business with Global Properties.

Ebrima Ali Ceesay

I think Global Properties is a very professional Real Estate Company, If all Gambian relay on this company we will all have perfect homes at a very reasonable payment plan. I wish all their staff long life and good health.

Fatou Kenneh Badjan

I love the excellent service rendered by Global Properties, your sales executives are very patient, supportive and friendly, excellent products especially the lands with a sea view. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your real estate any were.

Musa Sarr

It’s been great experience and honored to deal with Global Properties, your sales executives showed me a first class customer service and responsibility regarding ma request. they helped me to identify my needs with a smooth transition to acquire the plot I wanted. In this regard Global Properties really have my trust. Wishing you success in your Endeavours.

Ndey Binta Saho

Customer services, customer value, and services provided Global Properties are extremely satisfactory. I would highly recommend your products to all friends and family. Thank You.

Alagie Momarr Jeng

I can highly recommend Global Properties to friend and family because it is reliable and safe to invest in property deal, I rate the company 100% on their products and services.

Michael Mendy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your marketing associates for the tremendous service offered during the past two months. They perform their job with the highest level of professionalism and vigorous marketing skills and can persuade someone to make an investment with your respectable company. Thank you Global Properties Family!!!