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  • Global properties the services they render is variable .their terms and conditions are flexible, after sales services is a key for business.

    Ndendeh senghore |
  • Global Properties treats its customers like family, they have the best interest of any population at heart. Apart from been very professional in all their dealings with it customers, they ensure that citizens get access to affordable houses. Global understands the need to empower people through access to quality and affordable housing.

    Their payment plans and the patience they have for customers is exemplary which means they take into account the economic conditions of the Nation when setting payment plans.

    Global treats all customers the same, with professionalism, compassion and that, the same way they treat the low income customer is the same way they do for high income customers. This is very important and an awesome characteristic that differentiates Global Properties with other Estate AGencies....this is what makes them unique and a force to be reckoned with....

    I love Global Properties.

    Ngenarr Sosseh |
  • Any business is wishing to do business in a pleasant way, especially in another country where you will normally find a different culture and customs.

    It was a surprise for me to discover a company like Global Properties in the Gambia, a professional company with an international process nearly close to a way in which we are used to in Holland, Solid, with a team of staff taking its work and commitments seriously and willing to think along.

    They make it happen, not only pleasant and reliable but also important features and with the convenience for doing long term business.

    A company with solid and reliable appearance, a trading method that I can recommend

    George Krol |
  • Excellent customer services from sales executives ,detailed information on all inquiries .am happy Doing business with Global Properties.
    Morro Barrow |
  • I think Global Properties is a very professional Real Estate Company, If all Gambian relay on this company we will all have perfect homes at a very reasonable payment plan. I wish all their staff long life and good health.

    Ebrima Ali Ceesay |
  • I love the excellent service rendered by Global Properties, your sales executives are very patient, supportive and friendly, excellent products especially the lands with a sea view. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your real estate any were.

    Fatou Kenneh Badjan |
  • It’s been great experience and honored to deal with Global Properties, your sales executives showed me a first class customer service and responsibility regarding ma request. they helped me to identify my needs with a smooth transition to acquire the plot I wanted. In this regard Global Properties really have my trust. Wishing you success in your Endeavours.

    Musa Sarr |
  • Customer services, customer value, and services provided Global Properties are extremely satisfactory. I would highly recommend your products to all friends and family. Thank You.

    Ndey Binta Saho |
  • I can highly recommend Global Properties to friend and family because it is reliable and safe to invest in property deal, I rate the company 100% on their products and services.

    Alagie Momarr Jeng |
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank your marketing associates for the tremendous service offered during the past two months. They perform their job with the highest level of professionalism and vigorous marketing skills and can persuade someone to make an investment with your respectable company. Thank you Global Properties Family!!!

    Michael Mendy |